The Fixers’ Collective is in residence at Proteus Gowanus, 543 Union Street, at the corner of Union and Nevins in Brooklyn, NY. We meet regularly – check this page for upcoming dates. Fixers meet at Proteus Gowanus the third Thursday of every month.

If you want to bring something to a fixing session, we ask that you be OK if it can’t be fixed – we are not professionals, we’re doing this out of love, and we make no guarantees. We also ask that you take an active part in fixing your object – we don’t accept drop offs. We have a suggested donation of $5 per object, but no one is turned away for lack of funds. 

We encourage people to bring in their items early, so we can devote the most time to the item. Subsequently, if you arrive in the middle of a fix, we’ll try to accommodate you as best as we can.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept broken objects as donations. We will gladly accept monetary donations to our work and in kind donations such as tools – please talk to us if you have questions about this.

Fixers Collective address MS Paint

or on Twitter at @fixersbk

12 thoughts on “Details

  1. hi,
    i am not sure i can come to the meeting on the 22nd, because I have to go to the airport.
    BUT i am very interested!!
    i went to your booth at the makers faire!!!
    do u think i could bring in my ink jet printer when u meet again (after the 22nd)?
    i was trying to print on plastic and force fed it into the printer and now the automatic feed won’t work. i was going to throw it our but know i really want to fix it and understand the feed mechanism!!!

  2. Hi. Yes, I’ll be coming in on 9/22 with my “robot” (styled) oscillating room fan. Its “eyes” – that is, bulbs – don’t work (they used to), and new replacement bulbs don’t work either. Thank you. (In case you’d like to know, I’ve known about you for a long time and have meant to come in with “Fannie.” Connecting with you at the Makers Faire was a perfect reminder. Thanks for your valuable social contribution!) –Martin

  3. I have a cuisinart stand mixer – the motor burned out. Can it be fixed? Hopefully it can be.
    Thank you

    • Hi Marianne,

      Our next scheduled fixing date is Thursday, April 19th. If we host a session before then, we’ll post here – you can also sign up for our mailing list, where we send out email announcements of all upcoming sessions.

      • Thank you for the information about April 19th. Please keep me posted about any others and exact address where to go.

        • Hi Marianne,

          Check out our details page for address info for Proteus Gowanus in Brooklyn. Hope we’ll see you at our next session May 17th!

  4. I picked up info about you at the OWS May Day gathering/march on May 1.
    The group sounds wonderful. What a good idea.

    When is your next session.

    I have two things I’d like to fix.

    1. a 1950′s beautiful two slice toaster that I believe simply needs new wires…but I have no idea how to do it

    2. a working Mac Book Pro that has a disc in it that won’t eject.

    I am an older person…but I’m not dead yet, and would like to become even more

    • Hi,

      Our next session will be May 17th, at 7pm at Proteus Gowanus. Hope to see you then!

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